As a part of the Jorvik Festival 2007, more of the finds were resorted, weighed, bagged and photographed by members of the public.

Sorting  Interpretation Finds 1 Finds 2  Finds 3 Finds 4 x-rays Iron the metal  Methods

These new finds confirm that we have found an area where metalworking was taking place. The identification of some of the fragments found nearby as from Scandinavian-style weapons strongly suggests that this is debris from the battle.

A second smithing furnace bottom, from the same context as the first hearth bottom.

There were a number of iron fragments nearby that a have been tentatively identified as weapon fragments (part of Norse short sword similar to a seax).


A large selection of smaller billets came from both the context of the hearth bottom and from the site of the hoard. These smaller billets were from the context adjacent to the heavier billets identified earlier, suggesting that the lighter ones had been moved further from their original location.