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We have been collecting metal for the last 3 years. We have accumulated over 4000 items even though we have been denied access to the main site by the company, Persimmon, who want to turn the area into an estate for 700+ houses.
We sorted the finds to extract modern objects and items we could identify such as horse-shoes. They were then x-rayed for us at York Archaeological Trust by Jim Spriggs and Margrite.


We were very lucky that Patrick Ottoway and Peter Addyman  were willing to sort through over 1000 the objects and images.
Mike, from York Metal Detectorists Club, was on hand to assist with handling the finds. The members of the Club have given up hundreds of days to the project.

Their hard work and expertise has been rewarded....

Twenty items have been selected for conservations and details will follow as soon as they are ready.

However, there is evidence of some significant metal working near the centre of the battlefield.

Little is know about how battles of this period were cleared when the fighting was over.

The second batch of some 500 items have now been sent for x-ray and identification.

Sorting  Interpretation Finds 1 Finds 2  Finds 3 Finds 4 Iron the metal  Methods