The November work

In November 2002 some metal detection work was carried out. There was little time to prepare but members of the York District Metal Detectorists Club was able to find a few qualified volunteers.

The topsoil was removed in certain locations to improve the chance of finding any material buried during the battle. The approximate area surveyed was 150 sq metres. Based on the subsequent work this might have yielded one and a half finds! (.01 find per sq m)

What the work revealed was that this area has been periodically flushed. There is much evidence that material has been tipped into this area possibly to protect the banks from erosion.

There is an underlying peat layer that has not been properly surveyed because it would be difficult to excavate because of the liquid sand. This has been dated as 'post-Roman' from pottery finds so might well be contemporary with the battle. Further work on this layer was promised in the report submitted by the developers who want to build a road over this area.