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Summary of published report

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We welcome feedback and information but the site has had several 'denial of service' attacks so we have had to remove the forum. And giving out an email address is an invitation to spammers - but there is a 'keep me update' below.

Very sincere thanks to the many scholars who have provided information so far. I am humbled by your expertise and hope you will find your information has been incorporated into the project.

Nobody has asked to be credited for their contribution. I must take the responsibility for any errors and omissions but am very grateful that people are prepared to entrust their considerable learning to me. Thank you

The 'Burning Questions' about the battle of Fulford

  • Does any evidence of the exact location of the battle exist?

  • Are there any other literary references?

  • How were the bodies disposed of after the battle?

  • There is a whole page of detailed question. Can you answer any of them?

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