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Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

29 November 2006

Dear Minister

Planning Inquiry Procedures

I wrote to you some months ago as a result of my experiences during a public planning inquiry in which I was an objector. I cannot trace a reply to my letter and wanted to let you have my new address. I attach a copy of my earlier letter which has my pervious address.

Could I also ask about the fate of the propose bill to update the protection of the county’s heritage. In conversations with the erstwhile ODPM I was told that the bill would be published ‘in the late summer’. I did not hear any mention of the bill in the recent parliamentary programme for this session. Could you please let me know when we can expect to see the heritage bill enacted?

The provisions of the white paper on which I was a consultee would afford some measure of protection of the landscapes of battlesites such as the 1066 battle of Fulford which was one subject of the recent planning inquiry. It would seem important that the pending legislation should advise any decision about the fate of this battlefield.

Yours sincerely

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