18 19 September 2004

Saturday  Photo album

Sunday Photo album

Living History Camp

Three re-enactment groups joined forces for the weekend. Holderness Vikings, Anglo-Saxon

Families moved into the camp for the weekend.

Here, Neil is checking the weapons are safe to use before the rehearsal.

Shield Making

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Get ready for battle! Design your own Viking shield.

The BBC was there making a film

Producer Marcel Guillot watches another 'take'

On the Eve of the Battle

Dr. Peter Addyman described Viking York of 1066. Neil Evans of the Holderness Vikings, in full warrior gear, revealed what may have gone through the minds of the warriors on the eve of battle.

Then we had a Viking BBQ at The Bay Horse

Map to the site.

The Fulford Battlefield Society and York Archaeological Trust would like to thank the Fulford Parish Council for the kind permission to use the Green.

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