Peer review of the archaeological assessment carried out for the would-be developer was carried out by Glenn Foard FSA MIFA, Project Officer of The Battlefields Trust and author of their website. He is the country's only professional battlefield archaeologist.

'... difficult to recall a submission by an archaeological contractor, delivered in response to a requirement made through the planning process for the provision of archaeological information on such a major site and project, which has failed so comprehensively to meet the necessary requirements.'

'Neither document bears a date or the name or names of the authors(s) or any statement as to their expertise or experience that might make them qualified to conduct such investigations or to make the assessments which are presented in the reports. Neither is any mention made of any specialists in battlefield archaeology, palaeo-environmental research or other relevant areas of expertise who were engaged to provide the necessary range of expertise. The absence of such expertise had been a specific criticism we made of their previous reports and the failure to address in the present reports must immediately raise a question as to the adequacy of those reports and the work they refer to.'

The detailed criticism of the eight-page report was given to the COYC planners in February 2004. However there has been no response from the would-be developers and offers by the community group to carry out the work, have been ignored.