Germany Beck Development objection

I would like to take advantage of the recent distribution of the amended archaeological studies supplied in connection with the Germany Beck proposal to raise some more issues that concern me greatly. I will not attempt to add to the damming condemnation of the material the developer produced which has already been done by those much better qualified than myself.

Instead I would like to make you aware of the questionable behaviour of the developerís agents with regard to the exploration of this important heritage site. I recognise that I am raising some very serious questions relating to trust and accountability. I find the process in which I have become involved falls far short of the standards of integrity that I had expected in such matters. I detail these in the attached document.

I have tried very hard to persuade the developers to cooperate but they seemed determined to deny the chance to conduct a proper study. I offered to use the significant resources available to me to work with them to undertake the necessary work quickly. They have ignored my letters. I warned them that I would publish the correspondence and a copy of each my letters is attached.

The developer cannot be permitted to employ their resources to prevent a proper investigation. I reluctantly ask that this application be rejected as it stands because it is clear that the necessary work has not been done and I would be unable to accept any promise of good conduct from the developers based upon their behaviour so far.

Charles Jones