Planning Officer

York City Council

7 August 2002

Thanks you for seeing me yesterday about the Germany Beck proposal. I would be grateful if you would keep me posted when the next stage of the planning process is reached. My motive is to ensure that the stipulations from the Planning Committee (c 25 July 2001) for further archaeological investigation should be carried out before any application is processed.

I continue to be concerned at the accuracy of the statements made by the developers and would ask you to refer to my previous correspondence where the errors were listed. If these are repeated in the full application I hope that the developer will be required for correct them BEFORE they disseminate inaccurate information. Since they are aware of them, it would be a cynical exercise to continue to propagate errors which support their case.

Could I also repeat my suggestion that all of the references quoted by the developer should accompany the document so that interested parties are able to check on the claims made by the developer.

Thanks again

Yours sincerely