York City Council

6 December 2001

Dear Cllr B

Germany Beck Development

Thank you for the chance to put the case for the battle site. I am very happy that this is now accepted as the Battle site. I have written to English Heritage to ask them to explain their position about registration so that their failure to list the battle cannot be misinterpreted.

I have checked my letters and discover that I wrote to Michael Courcier to ask him to amend the errors in his submission in May but received no reply to my letter and my calls on the subject were not returned. I think it is important that errors in such public documents are removed when they are discovered. Would it be possible for you to speak to the officials to find out if developers have an obligation to amend these mistakes. If so, I will provide a list.

I had a good talk with John Stroughair after the meeting to explain what had been agreed about the battle site and I also discussed the subject of the errors in the planning application. I asked for an early sight of the traffic generation forecasts over the next 5 years but I gained the strong impression that this work had not been done. Are you aware of any traffic forecasts and if so, could you please steer me towards them?

Would it be possible for me to be added to the distribution list for papers from your committee as I was a bit lost at time during the meeting without an agenda or schedule of future debates? This might have led me to be 'over enthusiastic' at last week's meeting for which I apologise.

I look forward to the next meeting.

Yours sincerely