Harald 'Hardrada', invaded England in 1066, just before William of Normandy landed on the south coast.

King Harald probably had about 7000 soldiers and seamen with him. He needed to move quickly because there were two English armies - The Northumbrians blocking the Ouse and the Mercians blocking the Warfe. He did not want them to join forces so he set out at dawn to attack Jorvik.

Early the next morning, 20th September 1066, they set off towards York and in the afternoon won the battle at the 'Muddy Ford' that we now call Fulford. Three days later, Jorvik surrendered.

But it all went wrong five days later when the Norse army went to collect hostages near Stamford Bridge. They were almost wiped out when King Harold of England arrived with his cavalry. On the same day, the base at Riccall was attacked by the Mercian ships that were waiting at Tadcaster.

The survivors of Fulford, their base plus their longships were all destroyed. King Harald was killed at Stamford Bridge along with his key ally, none other then the brother of the other Harold, the King of England. But that is another story!

You can hear all about the battle of Fulford when you reach the end of your march.

On your march:

It was a lovely, sunny sunrise and we marched to Fulford in 2 hours 20 minutes.