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Eystein Orre's relief force from Riccall

From: mblundell1@adelphia.net
Date: 03/04/03
Time: 04:59:45
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Researchers have spent a lot of time trying to determine the fastest route from Riccall to Stamford Bridge assuming that that the relief force "ran from the ships". The distance from Riccall is almost 14 miles. It would have taken the relief force at least 3 1/2 hrs, if not longer, (with a forced march at double time) to get to the battle. This would mean they arrived almost 5 hours after the battle began (assuming the riders sent by Harald only took 1 hr. to reach the ships).

A more likely scenario, which I've never seen printed or discussed, is that the relief force boarded 25 to 30 longships and sailed (or rowed) down the Wharfe and up the Derwent River to Kexby. There, they landed and ran/marched up the footpath along the river 2.5 miles to the battle. Using this scenario, they could have reached the battlefield in half the time (about 2 to 2 1/2 hours) than if they traveled directly overland.

If anyone is interested in discussing this further, I can provide source material which may provide corroboration for my conclusions.

Mike Blundell

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Date: 22/01/12
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